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30 Days of Alternative Book Covers: Welcome


For 30 consecutive days I created and presented a series of alternative book covers for comic books and graphic novels on Instagram. In order to accomplish this mission I had to formulate and execute a plan that would help me stay organized and consistent.

This project was heavily influenced by my interest in the comic book genre, which includes the art styles, storytelling, graphic novels, and today's digital platforms such as film or television entertainment. The visual elements of my project were inspired by the more minimalistic comic covers that already exist. These already-existing covers focus on a specific aspect of the meaning or turning point of the story by not filling the page with illustration like the traditional style would. While the traditional style for comic covers may also add to the excitement of the book, I wanted to find ways to introduce the story by using symbols, figures, and textures that are relative to the synopsis of each individual issue. My intended audience for this project includes publications of comics and graphic novels, such as Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse or other entertainment platforms connected with the comic book industry. Other platforms include film, TV shows, and major fan bases that exist on social media platforms. The full collection is available here on my Instagram Profile.

In this case study I explain my creative process, strategic planning, social media engagement, influences, and some important lessons I personally took away from this personal project.

Below is a preview of the case study layout and a link to download the full case study as a desktop version as well as a mobile version.

30 Days of Alternative Book Covers: Bio
30 Days of Alternative Book Covers: Work
30 Days of Alternative Book Covers: Work
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