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My name is Eduardo Oviedo and I am a graphic designer from Long Beach, California.

My work varies from print media to web based projects. This includes but not limited to: logo design, print layout, booklets, digital marketing elements, website mockups, and social media components.

One of my favorite elements of working in this field is bringing a clients vision to life through the design process. I look forward to hearing peoples goals and appreciate being part of another persons journey to building something successful. Great storytelling in general is very appealing to me and I try to apply it into my work to bring value to my clients project.

Something important I’ve learned in this field is that graphic design doesn't only consist of knowing how to technically operate the programs. It truly consists of how to come up with ideas, an organized thought process, and problem solving skills. I do my best to creatively think of multiple strategies and execute said strategies in an effective way to get closer to the final product.

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